Saturday, May 31, 2014

Magical Cats and Dreamers

fairytale illustration dreamy

There is something magical about taking a brush to a blank piece of paper with no concept of what will image and finding these lovely friends emerge from the intersection of serendipity and the subconscious. 

Each day, I spend some time painting in this way as a meditation and a way to unwind and play. I often post images of these spontaneous paintings to my instagram. Follow me there to watch these explorations unfold. 

Today I have added these 3 paintings to my etsy shop. There have also been lots of kittens and cats full of mischief and dreams popping up so stay tuned for more of those as well.

Kawaii Dreamy Cat Kitten Sleeping Watercolor

Kawaii Dreamy Cat Kitten Sleeping Watercolor

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