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Lovely Ink Artist: Kat Kalindi Cameron Interview

inspirational art kat kalindi cameron
June Lovely Ink piece by Kat Kalindi Cameron
Welcome to the RAINBOW magic world of ultimate cuteness that is Kat Kalindi Cameron's art. She is our June Lovely Ink artist and will be proving a myriad of eye candy for us all. This month take a moment to see yourself with fresh eyes and relish all the ways you amaze yourself.

If you would like a free 8x10" printable or desktop wallpaper of the piece above, please visit my site and sign-up for Lovely Ink here.

Enjoy this interview with the lovely Kat Kalindi Cameron: licensing artist with Forest Foundry, illustrator, surface designer and maker of cuteness~

Take us through your creative process of making your piece for Lovely Ink?
Well I knew I wanted to make something fun and bright that would stand out and I really like the idea of coloured rain. I have a thing about umbrellas and rain and rainbows so I wanted to include that in one piece. I also like having cute girls with different hair colours, so this one worked well.

cat mushroom umbrella happy kawaii illustration
"I have a thing about umbrellas and rain and rainbows."
What drew you to the inspirational saying you used in your Lovely Ink piece?
I had been playing with the idea of 'I believe in you' but it didn't seem enough to me. I think quotes are inspirational and best when they are received by someone else, I thought it would be much more fun for someone to be told they are 'All KINDS of AMAZING" - so i merged the two together and came up with this! 

rainbow bird kawaii inspirational illustration
"I've always loved doodling"
Was there a moment in your life when you first fell in love with making things?
Gosh that's hard to remember, I've always loved doodling but never really took it as a sign I could make it as a career. I think I fell in love with it even more once people actually started to ask me to create art and wanted to pay me for it!! I couldn't believe my luck! 

Kat Kalindi Cameron art cat butterfly flowers cute
A unique blend of kawaii, mid-century flavor, and a playful, colorful whimsy
Where in your life do you find the most inspiration for your art?
I do love japanese culture - mostly the cute and quirky. Also i love mid century design and vintage childrens illustrators. Although I do find since having my kids they make up cute stories and have the most amazing ideas, they seem pretty trivial, but to me I think 'oh that's gold', i have to draw that or make something inspired by that! 

children's illustration girl playground bunny

What would be your absolute dream project - no limitations?

Dream project? hmmm having someone that would bank roll my own collection of products. I would create an entire collection of bedding, homewares, stationery and knick knacks. It would be full of cute icons, glitter, bright colours, quirky quotes, rainbows, clouds, animals and lots of love! 

angel cute mid-century christmas illustration

Who are some of your favorite artists, illustrators or surface designers?
I love the work of Mary Blair, Junko Mizuno, Sanna Annukka, Orla Kiely, Hello Kitty

cuckoo clock illustration art cute kawaii

What are your favorite design or art blogs that you would like to share with your fans?
I used to check out blogs daily, no hourly, but now with all the social business going on, i find everything in about 2 places, either through facebook and pinterest! I have liked so many of my favorite blogs on there, that I get it all in one place! BUT some places i like to frequent around the blogosphere are

cute little girl kawaii bunny art illustration
cute girl flower illustration

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Rebecca Stoner said...

Such beautiful, colourful, happy art that has brightened my day! Thank you for my Lovely Ink Illustration for June, I love it!


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