Monday, May 12, 2014

Lovely Ink Artists Licensing their Art

Many of the contributing artists for Lovely Ink, our monthly free inspirational art project, will be exhibiting their beautiful prints and patterns at Surtex this year. Their amazing art is available for licensing across all categories – home decor, textiles, stationery, gift, and more. Below you will see their lovely Surtex promo postcards with their booth numbers. Please visit these artists' booths and peruse their portfolios to find patterns, paintings, illustrations and designs that would elevate any everyday object to a work of art.

Dari Design Studio
Victoria Johnson
Karma Voce
Alex Colombo
Kat Kalindi Cameron
Rachael Taylor
Lizzie MacKay

1 comment:

lizzieM said...

Soory, if anyone sees this, the colour of my flyer is appearing wrong! It should actually be a nice cream. My apologies! :-)


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