Monday, February 2, 2015

Lovely Ink: Interview with Anne Waters

This month's Lovely Ink is hint of summer and sunshine from australia created by surface designer, Anne Waters. She finds a graceful balance between fresh air and vintage shops, bringing nature and design together.

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I was lucky enough to interview Anne and peek into her creative process and inspirations. Enjoy! 

Take us through your creative process of making your piece for Lovely Ink?
This particular piece was created using sketches that I scanned and coloured in Illustrator. I focussed on Australian wildflowers including flannel flowers and blossoming gums, and tried to give them their own quirky style. I thought it would be fun to create a piece that had loads to look at, so I made a few subtle layers with various textures and shapes drifting into the background as well as a varied mix of flora positioned this way and that.

What drew you to the inspirational saying you used in your Lovely Ink piece?
I spent time looking for an inspirational quote and discovered “The Earth Laughs in Flowers” by Ralph Waldo Emerson c.1845 which I’d not heard before. Being a lover of the great outdoors, it touched me instantly. I also enjoyed the poetic analogy, so beautiful and cheerful. I’m not sure if Emerson wrote it to be interpreted this way, but on its own, I thought it was pretty special.

Was there a moment in your life when you first fell in love with making things? 
I was born into a crafty family. My mum taught most of us to sew and knit, so as I grew up there was a constant hive of activity. My dad was into black and white photography so I would spend hours in the darkroom watching and learning how to make images come to life. When I was about 12, I cut out stencils of camels and palm trees and screen printed them to some old fabric then made it up into a button up shirt. I have kept it after all these years for some reason, so perhaps it was then that I really fell in love with making things.

Where in your life do you find the most inspiration for your art?
I would have to say that I find the most inspiration for my art out in the wild. I try to go to national parks as often as I can, which can be tricky when my littlest bushwalker has other ideas. I’m constantly photographing anything that catches my eye. Apart from the wilderness, I collect old textiles, and am often caught hanging out in thrift shops rummaging through shelves of forgotten treasures, unearthing vintage tea towels, table cloths, curtains and the like. I thought I might have grown out of the habit by now.

What would be your absolute dream project - no limitations?
I have always sewed and worked with fabric so I have a particular interest in textiles. It would be my ultimate dream come true to see my designs in a fabric line with a bolt fabric camels and palm trees I promise.

Who are some of your favorite artists, illustrators or surface designers?
There really are so many creative souls out there that I admire, so these are just a few of my favourites ones… Sue Adams, David Weidman, Aboriginal Art, Jill Lewis, Gus Leunig, Lucienne Day, Ken Done and Jenny Kee.

What are your favorite design or art blogs that you would like to share with your fans?
Print and Pattern, Patternbank, Pinterest, The Design Files, The Art Room Plant

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