Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Make Art Magic January Theme

Perhaps you set an intention in the new year to experiment with bring more of your creative fire into your life or perhaps you would like to connect with some new artist friends and explore our inner worlds together. Well, we would love to have you in our cozy little online space. Don't be shy. We are very friendly and supportive. You don't have to be an official artist to participate. (are there official artists, a bureaucracy of artists? hmmmm)

Hope this month's theme inspires some magic for you.

January Theme: Eyes of Wonder
That moment when all your experiences slip into the background and you see the world as if for the first time and all is beautiful, mysterious, and strange. Pure wonder. You can express this feeling in any way your heart desires - landscapes, abstracts, patterns, characters, portraits, still lives, animals. The sky is the limit. The theme is just a gentle guide.

Ways to Share Your Make Art Magic Artwork between Jan 1-31, 2014:
1. Primary place to post your art and get community feedback is our private Make Art Magic Facebook Group (click the “join group” button to request an invite)
2.Share with the rest of the world across social media using the hashtag #MakeArtMagic

*Don’t forget to put your name/signature/website on your piece so that everyone will know you created it.

Benefits of Signing up for the Ghostkitten Newsletter:

1. You will get the theme 1 week earlier than everyone else. (ex. you will get December's theme on Nov 23)

2. You will get goodies each month to help get the creative juices flowing from music downloads to inspiration boards to guided meditations to poetry.

3. It is easier to keep track of the new themes if it just comes to your inbox rather than having to remember to seek it out online.

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