Sunday, March 25, 2012

Reset Sunday: Herbal Play

Dandelion, while considered a weed by most people, has many healing properties
There are so many amazing healing plants and medicinal mushrooms out there, that it is easy to get overwhelmed and not try any of them or just stick to a few favorite standby's and not exploresomething new. This week, chose one herb or medicinal mushroom that you would like to learn more about and try. You can use you intuition to pick one or you can research according to a specific ailment or condition. If you want to try chinese herbs, I would suggest making an appointment with an acupuncturist or an herbalist to procure the perfect formula. When researching your herb, ask the following questions:
  1. What are the health benefits?
  2. How is it traditionally prepared (in a tea, as a powdered supplement, fresh, as a tincture)?
  3. Are there any contraindications or precautions you need to take?
  4. Is it a tonic herb that you take daily to support your health or is it something you take short-term to help heal an acute condition like a urinary tract infection or a cold?
  5. What is the recommended dosage?
  6. Where can I find the most potent organic or wild-harvested version of this plant? (Don't trust pre-made formulas from unknown or unrecommended websites/companies. Many places make lofty cure-all claims and the quality or there herbs may not be up to standard.)
After you have researched and sourced the herb, experiment with it and see if you notice any changes to your health. I have found herbal support to be crucial in preventing colds and flus, restoring my health when I start to feel sick or run-down, and in curing infections.

You may be able to find the herbs you are looking for in your local health food store but remember that not all herbal products have the same potency and hence, effectiveness. Here are some resources for finding organic/wild-harvested herbs and mushrooms online:

The following are 3 products that I use to stop myself from getting colds and flus. They are not cheap but if I take them when I start feeling sick, I can kick the illness before it gets me. The Echinacea and Super Tonic, I take when I notice a lot of people around me seem to be catching colds or if I am really busy and may be taxing my immune system more than usual. I also take them if it would be particularly inconvenient time to get sick. If I feel the slightest signs of sickness such as a tickle in my throat or general fatigue, these are my first defense. The Cold and Flu Herbal shots, I take when I feel that I am truly getting sick or the symptoms are worsening quickly and they seem to restore my health fairly quickly. 

Here is a short list of some of my favorite healing plants and mushrooms:
Ginger root (tea or fresh): soothes nausea, fights colds and sore throats, aids digestion
Mint (tea): aids digestion, invigorating
Roasted Dandelion Root (tea): liver support
Reishi Mushrooms (tea, tincture, powdered): immune booster, many healing properties make this a great daily tonic
Echinacea (tincture): powerful immune booster
Garlic (fresh, tincture, juice): fights colds, immune booster, anti-oxidant rich, may prevent heart disease
Tumeric (fresh, powder): anti-inflammatory, extremely healing and can be used daily in cooking and as a supplement
Dianthus formula: chinese herbal formula for treatment of UTI's 

 If you find any herbs that you that you particularly like, please share your experiences with them in the comments. I am always excited to learn about new plants and enjoy their healing properties. Good luck on your herbal journey.

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ddv8 said...

I have come across a few new ones myself lately and I highly recommend Congest Away by Rainbow Light. I believe it used to go by a different name, but I don't know what that is. It has Horehound and Yerba Santa in it, both I was taking before in tincture form. Horehound by itself is great for a cough, and Yerba Santa (also known as the Sacred Herb) is good for respiratory health. I also really like Rhodiola, which is a root from Siberia. You can get it in tincture form, and it is good for energy, stamina, stress, and memory! Some combinations may combine Rhodiola and Cordyceps; both of these can keep you awake so insomniacs may need to be careful. Rhodiola may also be found in some adrenal formulas. The Cold & Flu formula by Dr. Schulze's really worked the one time I was lucky enough to try it. Thanks for sharing your favorites, hopefully I've given you some new ones to research. :)


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