Monday, October 6, 2014

Blog Hop Around the World

Today is my turn to be a part of the "Blog Hop around the World" which is a virtual tour of visual artists of all types. The amazing Christine Witte invited me to participate. Christine is a talented surface designer whose style can be described as colorful, modern folk. She loves to focus on exquisite and unique details creating complex patterns that often tell a little story. Here are some of her beautiful patterns:

You can see more of her work on her blog here:

Even better, you can purchase some of her lovely fabrics in her Spoonflower Shop.

These are the questions Christine has posed to me.

Why do I do what I do? 
I am on a mission to awaken wonder, to inspire wild flights of fancy, and to create a bridge between my inner world and yours. Creating art is a passion so strong that it forces  me to overcome self-doubt and self-negation and move into a place of presence, compassion, and acceptance. It is the perfect practice to start a conversation with my deeper self and tune into my intuitions. It is also a form of communication and sharing that can go into subtle, mysterious places that words can't as easily travel. Making art is pure, transformative magic for me and always has been from the moment I first made something as a little girl. 

How does my work differ from others of its genre? 
That is hard for me to pinpoint but I would say that my work is unique in its dreamy, mystical, playful tone. A sense of light is very important to me as I think it creates a specific feeling. I am drawn to imagery connected with portals, thresholds, forests, searching, and traveling into the realm of the imagination.

How does my creative process work? 
This changes from project to project. Sometimes I just sit down with a brush and some paint and see what emerges following intuition and chance. 

Other times, I use meditation and visioning first and then pull together the pieces to bring that vision into form. I actually wrote a blog post that really chronicles this process of painting something from my imagination. 

Here is another post about a different technique that merges hand-drawn and digital painting. I love to experiment with new methods and mediums although I currently I have been painting a lot of watercolors.

What am I working on now? 
I just started a daily painting project called my #MonthofCats. For the month of October, I am painting a cat a day. You can see some of the cats I am creating HERE.

I also welcome you to send photos of your cats for me to use as inspiration. You can send them to me at

If you would like to receive these cat paintings in your inbox everyday for October along with a snippet of inspiration or poetry, you can sign up HERE.

watercolor painting of a cat by Nicole Piar #MonthofCats

Enough about me. Let me introduce you to another incredible artist, Jennifer Blair-Cockrum. She paints striking abstracts with luscious colors. For me, they pick up where Rothko left off and inspire a beautiful, transcendental experience - a meditation in paint.

She will be picking up the blog hop next week on Monday Oct. 13, 2014. Please go explore her works and read her post. 

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