Friday, October 31, 2014

Month of Cats Day 31: Ghostkitten

Meet Ghostkitten. She is the little light inside me that helps to guide me through my life. She is always beckoning me to enter my inner world, to dig deep, and meet her there. She whispered this project to me and called it into being. Many of you who have been following my Month of Cats might be curious about my process.

I didn't sketch these cats first or plan them out strategically. Each day, I just showed up at my paints ready to receive what ever message wanted to enter this world in the form of a magical cat. Sometimes, I would be guided to look at a photograph of one your kitties that you sent me and sometimes it would just be me and the blank page. I never know what these cats will represent until I am done painting them – until they have fully emerged from the mystery.

Each day, I was surprised and grateful to be visited by these healing energies in the form of cats. Ghostkitten is my intuition. She is my deeper self. She guides me through. She stood at the gateway between the vastness and my small life and called these cats to come in, to warm our hearts, to send us love, and to help us through our days.

Month of cats may be ending today but I think there are more kitties and magical creatures on theirway. In fact, keep your eyes open for a inspirational deck of cards featuring these soft friends sometime early next year.

Thank you so much for sharing this journey with me.

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