Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Month of Cats Day 22: Mishkin RoughNTumble

Meet Mishkin RoughNTumble. He knows his teeth are sharp and his claws are his prized possession, carefully honed to points. He is a little ninja but has a heart of love and softness. We can call on Mishkin when we need to stand up for ourselves, set boundaries, or be daring. So whether your about to climb a giant boulder or take a leap of faith or ask to be paid what your worth, remember little Mishkin and his bravery. Yes, he did whack that big scary dog on the nose even though he is only a kitten. 

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1 comment:

Eva Marion Seyffarth said...

Haha, love him! Got a little (black) Mishkin lying curled up on my lap right now …


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