Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Month of Cats needs YOU!

Black White Cat illustration Graphic Silhouette Nicole Piar
October is just around the corner and I am preparing myself for my #MonthofCats 
where I paint a Cat a Day. This is where you can help and participate.

What I would love from you for inspiration:

A pic of your cat (jpg or link to pic), your cat's name, and (optional) a word or 2 about your cat's personality 


A request for a cat personifying a favorite character or icon (Imagine a cat version of Neo from Matrix or the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.)

You can email me at
and perhaps you will see your kitty make an appearance in the Month of Cats.

Sign up for a Month of Cats HERE
and receive a daily email for the month of October with a pic of the daily cat and a snippet of inspiration.

My Cat Story:
From before I was born until I was 14, I had a ginger, gold, and white striped cat named Bingo. He was a giant tom cat with a fiercely independent attitude and yet a depth of love and mystery. I lived in the forest down a little country road where you could not see a single other house from my yard. There weren't many people around and I spent many hours wandering through those woods by myself.

Almost everyday, Bingo would slip into those trees and go on his own adventures until we called him back inside at night. I was curious about his secret life so one day, I quietly followed him, staying far enough behind so that he could meander freely. He slipped like golden liquid though a lush green thicket and I slipped through behind him.

At the center of the thicket, everything opened up. The sunlight came pouring in and there was a perfectly flat boulder. Bingo hopped up and curled in the warm light. I scrambled up the rock and lay beside my cat. Bingo had found a place out of time, a hidden place where all was quiet and filled with sky light, and he had given that place to me.

These are some of the first cats that stated showing up during my daily paint doodle practice. They have whispered to me that their friends are are eager to join us here so a Month of Cats was created.


This is what I have been asking myself. I even made this little word collage to delve into what cats mean to me. 

A Myriad of Cats:
I have a Pinterest board called MEOW where I am collecting paintings, drawings, and illustrations of cats for inspiration. Come by and enjoy the furry magic.

Follow a #MonthofCats on my instagramfacebooktwitter and here on this blog.

and don't forget to email me pictures of your cat including your cat's name. Your kitty might just show up in a painting during my Month of Cats. (

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Erin said...

I am emailing you now, this is so exciting!


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