Thursday, July 31, 2014

Wandering through the World: Watercolor Paintings and Ink Sketches

Fairy Tale Watercolor Painting by Nicole Piar
In the Winter Wood by Nicole Piar
I have been making a lot of intuitive watercolor paintings where I just begin to paint and see what scene or creature emmerges. I have doodled and sketched like this a lot in ink but doing this in watercolor has been a fun way to expand and explore. Also watercolor occupies this liminal territory between intention/order and accident/chaos.

Ink Sketch doodle flowers girl meadow nature Nicole Piar
Through the Meadow by Nicole Piar
I have noticed a theme starting to reoccur (aside from magical cats which I will share later :) It is of a figure traveling through nature and discovering what lies beyond each bend, each hill and each grove. This theme of entering and wandering through contains such a sense of wonder and mystery for me. It is a perfect metaphor for the creative process as well:  I enter my inner world, peer inside, and journey to imagined lands.

If you would like to see my watercolor and ink doodles as they are created, I often post them on my instagram. You can follow me here:

Magical Painting by nicole Piar
In the Last Light of Day by Nicole Piar

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