Sunday, February 5, 2012

Reset Sunday: Mini Declutter

photo courtesy of Julie at Jane's Apron
Pick one small area that inspires feelings of resistance, confusion, frustration, chaos or being overwhelmed. If you notice that when you go to this space, it takes ridiculously long to find what you need or better yet, you give up looking and decide it's just better to go without, you have a discovered a perfect candidate for this mini declutter practice. It might be a closet, cabinet, book shelf, bathroom counter, your computer desktop, hard drives, the food pantry, spice rack or any space ruled by the Despot of Disorder. After you are done, pay attention to how you feel when interacting with this clean and clear space. Notice the how your state of mind and energy shifts in response.

Here are 5 tips to help you declutter this small space:
  1. Gift, recycle, or throw away anything you don't use or is no longer needed. For instance, ancient spices, old food, books you have already read and honestly won't read again, clothes that are ragged or rarely leave the hanger, beauty products that old or never used, etc.
  2. Lightening-fast decision-making. Don't waste time on the internal debate of whether or not you may need something in the future. Ask youself, do I use this or can I see a realistic use for this in the near future? If the first answer is no, don't think just pass this stuff along to a better home or recycle it.
  3. Categorize and consolidate. Look for the categories amongst your stuff and put like things together. Be creative about coming up with a system. Think about how you use your things and make a system that is responsive to this. for instance, you may think the most logical way to organize your book is by genre but think about how you read. Maybe you have a section for books you have not read, a section for books that you like to reference and a section for favorite books you like to share with friends. If you have two of something that is very similar or the same, see if you can consolidate them into one or if one of them can be let go.
  4. Simplify. Consider a system that allows for the greatest simplicity of use and cleaning. Fewer things helps immensely. Also keeping things in open-topped boxes or on trays makes them easier to remove for cleaning and keeps similar things grouped together.
  5. Map it. After you have organized your things into categories and made a unique, physical space for each category, jot down a little map to remind yourself of the new system. Literally, draw a quick diagram of the space and label what goes where. If you share this space with someone else, give them a copy of the map and go over it with them. This will help you to maintain the newly decluttered zone.

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