Saturday, November 13, 2010

Falling is Learning

I was listening to this really beautiful song by Lynx called Venus and I was struck by her lyric, "now, the sky is falling but falling is learning."  This very aptly describes my life right now. A lot of things are shifting dramatically and quickly and sometimes it feels out of control just like falling but really it is just intensified learning. i put one cloud being caught by the river and just going with the flow, tentatively letting go and being carried. some of the clouds are relaxed, some are enjoying the ride, some are scared, angry or confused. I painted this on a very small piece of paper with acrylic, It felt a little awkward with out the appropriate size brushes but i just did the best with what i had in the moment. hope you are all enjoying your weekend and getting some fresh air. watch out for falling skies.


Donnamarie said...

Falling is scary but learning to get back up again is empowering! I feel like the soft clouds give the ideal of falling to be a more gentler process. That would be a great mindful practice-to imagine we are our own cloud just floating along able to flow with the direction that life takes us :) Thank you for this lovely illustration Nicole! miss you!

Maron said...

love the sentiment here!


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