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When I first started reading blogs, I was very confused by how to follow them with ease and efficiency. There seemed to be so many options and I wasn't even sure what RSS feed meant, never mind how to subscribe to one. So I have created this little guide to make it simpler. You will find all the options discussed below available in the right hand column of my blog.

Here are your options: 

Follow by Email
How to use it: Simply enter your email and click on submit
What it does: It sends an email of each new blog post to your inbox
When it's best: This is great for a favorite blog where you never want to miss a post.

How to use it: Simply click on the BlogLovin button in the right sidebar and press the Follow button. You might have to sign up for a free account if you don't already have one.
What it does: It puts all your blog posts in one places that you can browse and read them like a magazine. You can organize them in categories by type of blog.
When it's best: If you have quite few favorite blogs and you want to discover more fun ones. This is the best way to keep it all organized and easy to use. So fun! I love this way and use it myself.

Follow Through Twitter
How to use it: Click on the twitter button which will bring you to my twitter page. Then click on the "follow" button in the upper right.
What it does: Each time I post on my blog you will get a tweet with a link to the new post.
When it's best: This is great for a person who uses Twitter regularly or who would like to start using it to follow friends, companies, and other blogs.

Subscribe to an RSS feed (aka Real Simple Syndication)
How to use it: CLick on the orange icon that has little radio waves on it and select which RSS reader you want to use to read the blog. You can just subscribe to the posts or the posts and comments.
What it does: It sends all the posts and comments from the blog to feed through your Reader. Whenever you are logged into your reader you will be able to see all the posts and/or comments from Ghostkitten
When it's best: If you read a lot of blogs or plan on following more blogs, this consolidates all your favorite blogs in one place. You can organize them into folders based on interest/subject. You can go to your feed reader at any time and flip through the most current posts of your favorite blogs. It is like a little personal library of you blogs.

So hopefully one of these will work for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help. Happy Reading!

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